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Professional H&S services

What are the benefits of ergonomics interventions at work?

The draft Ergonomics Regulations were sent out for comment in 2017. The relevance of addressing ergonomics in all environments is to limit the exposure of workers to musculoskeletal disorders that result in increased absenteeism and decreased productivity. Simple, inexpensive ergonomic interventions and measures can be taken that could have significant returns on investment. We offer a variety of services relating to ergonomics, from training to ergonomic risk assessments, to high level ergonomic investigations. Please contact us for further information and your free quotation.

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Workers do not deserve to die from exposure to dusts and other respiratory hazards, for a long, productive working life.   


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What should you expect from your Professional Construction Health and Safety Agent (PrCHSA)?

The need to have a health and safety professional on a construction is often misunderstood. There are a number of critical reasons to ensure a professional, competent person is addressing project risk. The PrCHSA advises, leads and manages H&S risk across the project life cycle.

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